Ok, so maybe 1 little adjustment…

Please, no more dirt!

Ok, so after a torrential downpouring of rain, 4 days in a row…
I found my landscape design looked better on paper…..
It needed a minor adjustment to help move the rain water away from the foundation (don’t ask!)
Not that I had a huge amount of leaking, but enough to warrent a little more hard labor.
So, bring it on Mother Nature, lets see how this one works!
(I know, i just jinxed myself with that!)

Completed Patio

Much better.
After much back breaking work, I think the patio is finally complete.
I was finally able to install some lights that weren’t to gawdy looking.
This photo sure makes the patio look alot bigger!
I guess I may paint that lower concrete section though…
OK, so it’s not completely complete!