Stick a fork in this one…

Still need lights

I still need to add new lights outside, but things have pretty much been completed here!
Click on the image to see a comparison.

Liz now has her garden!

The tomatos are growing

I finally got Liz a garden area built and the tomatoes and basil are loving it!
I ‘ve been raking rocks and put in a new walkway.
We’ve been landscaping through¬†heat and rain for the last 3 weeks.
God, I am so close to sticking a fork in this baby.

We are SO almost done!

Grass in seeded

As you can see here, the dirt pile has been spred, fertilized, and seeded.
While I was at it (even though it was nearly 100 degrees today, I brought in
a ton of earth tone reiver rock to finish the new area.
Even my pet rock is happy!
Now I just have to spread the yard of bark mulch I picked up and wait for the grass to grow.
(Did you notice the new chairs in the background?)

We have Dirt!

dirt pile

All I need to do now is spread it out! EEEKKK!
Ok kids, get shoveling!¬†It’s only 6 yards of manure…

Furniture added!

The new patio isa coming along

Slowly but surely, the new patio is coming along nicely.
We just added new furniture (although we still need more chairs!)
We still need to added lighting. And the new lawn & fence is scheduled in the new few weeks.
THEN summer can begin!