Watch chain with mini headpiece FOBB.


Flicker Stream

YouTube Video Test

Someone’s got their priorities in order…

As if they need anything else to wind them up!

We have Kitties!

After many years, cats are back!

Say hello to Chloe and Camille (Cami) 

A visit to Coney Island – 2010

The family finally gets a chance to visit a place of my childhood. 

Don't look so thrilled Dave!

The bathroom is just about complete!

Yay! Our bathroom is finally nearing completion!
Click to see some the progress! 

Dang, Superman never had this problem!

Here we go again… Mt Washington-August 2009

Making up a postponed trip from June, we attempt the summit of Mt Washington, NH.

The Tuckerman ravine trail.

Our first trip up Monadnoc for the 2009 season.

In further prep for the Mt Washington trip, we headed to southern NH this weekend
for a fun filled trip of camping and hiking.
Click on the pic for more…

Hey! It’s almost done!

I can almost put this project to bed! Yay!!!